About Us

Fresh to Go Foods Ltd was established in 2019 in order to cater for fruit and vegetables, processing of raw materials to produce ready washed salads, and ready-cut prepared fruit. The owners of the organisation have been in the food and retail industry for over 30 years. In fact, they own a supermarket chain in Malta and have been catering for restaurants, marine, and offices. 

Supply Chain Management System

Fresh to Go Foods Ltd strives to maintain the highest possible standard within its supply chain from upstream to downstream. It makes sure through various checks that suppliers do not have any modern slave labor, conflict minerals, or animal cruelty. Should this be found the company would immediately and permanently remove such a supplier from the supply chain. 

Business Integrity 

Fresh To Go Foods Ltd firmly believes in fairness, quality and hard work. In order to achieve success, one must earn it. Throughout its supply chain and work ethics the organisation ensures that bribery, conflict of interest and any other agendas that could hinder the reputation of the organisation are not allowed to happen. Should such an incident happen the person or supplier concerned would be automatically be removed from the supply chain. 

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