Throughout the whole supply chain Fresh to Go Foods Ltd gives importance to the environment, the society and the economical sustainability. These three pillars are crucial for the sustainability of the whole infrastructure and it is given importance and attention throughout the entire supply chain. 

Fresh To Go Foods Ltd feels responsible for all of these sustainable agendas and hence feels committed to be sustainable and commits its full cooperation to the whole society for a better future for the next generation. 

Food Values 

Fresh to Go Foods Ltd strives in providing the best food to its clientele. In fact, as the slogan implies within this organisation “quality matters”. As an organisation it is highly committed to providing products with the best quality and service. Hence this is the reason behind continuous investment in sophisticated and technological machinery and continuous training and development to all of its staff members. 

The Environment 

Fresh to Go Foods Ltd feels that is should play its part to what happens to the environment both locally and globally. For this reason, the organisation invests a lot in waste management systems in order to reduce the waste of resources and raw materials. It also ensures that all the suppliers are abiding to this agenda and that they feel committed to this environmental responsibility. 

Responsible Sourcing 

The sourcing of our products is key to the quality of the final product. Fresh to Go Foods Ltd hence also feels committed to making sure that all its tier one and tier two supply chain are ensuring that they are also adhering to this environment structure. 

Working Conditions 

Fresh to Go Foods Ltd feels committed to the health and working conditions of its colleague members. As an organisation it strives to continue enhancing such conditions throughout its infrastructure. The organisation believes that equality and staff development are an integral part of its success and development. 

Wages and Benefits 

Wages are always kept to the accordance of governmental laws within the country. However Fresh to Go Foods Ltd believes a lot in the staff development and hence continuous training opportunities are given to all of its staff members which would also result in further benefits for the staff members. 

The organisation is committed to providing the best working conditions and benefits within the industry for its staff since it results in satisfied and committed staff members. Working Hours Fresh To Go Foods Ltd believes that a balanced lifestyle is the best recipe for success. Therefore, it ensures that all employees have a day off within a week, do not exceed 55 hours of work unless extreme circumstances are adhered. 

Forced Labour 

Fresh To Go Foods Ltd firmly believes in fair labour. Malta is an independent country with equal rights and opportunities. Fresh To Go Foods Ltd ensures that these rights and opportunities are given equally to all of its members and has zero tolerance on forced labour within its organisation and its whole supply chain. 

Child Labour 

In continuation to the above Fresh To Go Foods Ltd has zero tolerance when it comes to child labour. The next generation is the future and also the strength of the organisation and hence the organisation ensures that any employee should be over 17 years of age prior entering the organisation and it always encourages the continuation and development in education of such personnel.

Diversity, Discrimination and Equality 

Fresh To Go Foods Ltd firmly believes in equality and diversity. In fact the organisation’s strength lies within its multicultural human resources, its product development, and its success is due to this diversification. The organisation provides equal rights to all of its members irrelevant of gender, race, and also believes in equality for LGTBIQ+ communities. 

Fresh To Go Foods Ltd has zero tolerance to discrimination within its whole supply chain. 

Health and Safety 

The safety of our staff members is of utmost importance to the organisation. Hence continuous investment and development is carried out within its supply chain. It provides all the necessary equipment, uniforms and safety within its infrastructure. 

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